What Do the Warning Lights on My Mitsubishi Mean?

Mitsubishi warning lights light up when there's something wrong with your vehicle that needs to be checked out. It's an easy way for you to tell when your Mitsubishi needs to come in to the Secor Mitsubishi Service Center in New London, CT for a tune up. However, it is completely normal for your Mitsubishi warning lights turn off a second or two after your vehicle starts. If a warning light stays lit, bring it in right away.

Here are some of the most common questions about why warning lights turn on:

  • Why is there a red car light on? - This means one of your doors or your rear hatch isn't closed properly. The light looks like a red car with the doors open. Pull over to a safe area, then make sure all doors are properly closed. If the door ajar light stays on, bring it in for service.
  • Why is there a yellow tire light on? - This means your tire pressure monitoring system detected an unsafe air pressure in one of your tires or a tire has gone flat. This yellow light looks like a flat tire with an exclamation point (!) over it. Ensure that all your vehicle's tires are set to the pressure noted in your Mitsubishi manual. It is common for this light to come on after seasonal temperature changes.
  • Why is my Mitsubishi CHECK ENGINE light on? - This light indicates that there's a problem with one of your Mitsubishi vehicle's vital components. If your CHECK ENGINE light comes on, you should bring your car in to the shop right away. Once you bring your vehicle in to the shop, the service center team will diagnose the exact error code.

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