Keeping New England Mitsubishi Drivers Safe This Winter, One Mitsubishi At a Time at Secor Mitsubishi!

Winter is here in New England, which means that if you recently purchased a new or pre-owned Mitsubishi from Secor Mitsubishi, it might be time to talk service and maintenance. If you are still browsing our new Mitsubishi inventory, then we encourage you to keep looking until you find a brand-new Mitsubishi model that works for your needs. We also suggest that you look into vehicles with the Mitsubishi All-Wheel Control (AWC) if you plan on a more frequent commute to and from West Hartford this winter. Mitsubishi AWC is available on all 2018-2019 Mitsubishi SUVs here at Secor Mitsubishi, such as the Mitsubishi Outlander, Outlander Sport, Outlander PHEV, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. New Mitsubishi cars and fantastic service are all here for you at Secor Mitsubishi, so let us show you all of what our New London, CT Mitsubishi dealership offers this winter to new England Drivers; our dealership and service center are located less than 10 minutes outside of Groton.

What is Mitsubishi All-Wheel Control?

You might hear expressions such as "four-wheel drive" or "all-wheel drive" thrown around when discussing vehicles, but what is the Mitsubishi All-Wheel Control (AWC)? Simply put, this system helps to evenly maximize traction between all four of your wheels, as most four-wheel drive systems accomplish. However, the Mitsubishi AWC system utilizes an electronic attachment on the transmission to automatically direct engine power to the four wheels evenly or to the wheels which need traction the most. The AWC system also utilizes driver input through steering and braking to detect the existing road and traction conditions and alter power distribution accordingly. With this AWC system, you will be able to take on many adverse driving conditions and drive with confidence during the New England winter.

However, the AWC system works best when the tires themselves hold maximum traction, as the tires are the only part of the vehicle which should touch the ground, this is where our service center comes in. When you are in need of a tire rotation, oil change, fluid flushing, or brake pad inspection, our service center mechanics have got you covered. Before you take on the potentially adverse road conditions in Norwich, you should bring your Mitsubishi model in for inspection at our service center to ensure it has everything it needs to take on the New England winter ahead.

Let us Get Started at Secor Mitsubishi

When you find a new Mitsubishi model that works for you, schedule a test drive and come check it out in person here at Secor Mitsubishi. If your Mitsubishi sedan, hatchback, or SUV requires maintenance, schedule a service appointment and come see us today! Our dealership and service center are located just five minutes outside of new London and we are ready to help keep you New England drivers safe this winter!

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