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The Mitsubishi Lancer Stands Out in All the Right Ways


The Mitsubishi  Lancer generates confidence. With its good looks and quick-witted, sporty performance, the Mitsubishi Lancer leaves a lasting impression. Its bold roadway presence breaks through the stale sedan mold, inviting unprecedented cabin comforts, spirited driving dynamics and inspiring style into a sea of lackluster sameness. Its basic configuration, utilities and modest price are practical, while its inventive elegance and sporty pursuits meld unexpected perks into a functional package. Because of its incredible value, the Mitsubishi Lancer is a solid choice for a sedan.


A pronounced grille and contoured body create a striking silhouette, and the Mitsubishi Lancer furthers its commitment to mesmerizing with it cabin's stylistic pleasures. Premium materials wrap the interior, creating a sedan that has both form and function. Ample, versatile and supple, the Mitsubishi Lancer appoints its seats in soft-to-touch fabrics, which when partnered with generous legroom and  flexible configurations, should put all passengers, whether up front or in the rear, at ease.


The Mitsubishi Lancer is fluent in connectivity and safety inspired technologies. Items like its advanced infotainment system, premium audio system and series of collision monitoring, warning and responding features provide genuine peace of mind.


The ideal combination of its paddle shifters and All-Wheel Control system celebrate its rally heritage but in a practical sense. The Mitsubishi Lancer lets you focus on having fun, while it balances power, improves handling and adapts its traction to the elements.


This revolutionary sedan is ready to be yours here at Secor Mitsubishi. Consider reading up on its specs and details, and then pay us a visit here in New London. We currently have a sizable new and used inventory of Mitsubishi Lancers for you to explore further.

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