Enhance and Simplify Your Car-Shopping Journey with Accelerate

Car-shopping is now easier than ever thanks to Accelerate, a simple way to customize your deal and take the steps towards bringing your dream car home. Accelerate makes it easier to shop for a new vehicle and personalize your buying experience so that you can work out the details of your next purchase online and save time at our dealership.

Customize Your Payments

Get a realistic payment based on your info.

Compare monthly financing payments with lease payments

Find a down payment amount that works for your budget

Add in the value of your trade

Value Your Trade-In

See what Kelley Blue Book says your car is worth.

Knowing what your current car could be worth in a trade is crucial information.

You can get an instant offer online so that you can use your car's value estimate while you work out your budget.

Apply for Financing

Choose from options that meet your needs.

Applying for financing pre-approval online is a great way to jumpstart the financing process and save time at our dealership.

With just a few moments of your time and a little basic information, we can help you start the financing steps.

Enjoy your new ride!